Asbury, charcoal

Asbury, charcoal

100 % langfibret bomull

699 kr

Lett dobbyvev i fargen koksgrå. Veven minner om french oxford, men har en mykere og lettere følelse. Den lysegrå varpen gjør at strukturen blir synlig. 

Farge Grå
Vev Dobby
Vekt 118 g/m2
Sammensetning 100 % langfibret bomull
Garn Renning (varp): 50/1, Islett (veft): 50/1
Opasitet Opak
Brand Tailor Store
SKU 24-13217

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6 kommentarer fra kunder på språket ditt og engelsk
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"I expected this fabric to feel a little coarse and thin but was pleasantly surprised. It feels soft and comfortable, has a decent weight to it, irons easily and doesn't pick up unwanted creases too quickly while wearing. The way the colour is portrayed on the site is very accurate."

, 2021-04-15

"This was a cheaper fabric and it definitely feels that way. Wish there was a solid grey in say poplin style of fabric."

, 2021-03-24

"Fabric is very light, but I choose one of the cheapest options so I wasn't expecting much better then what I got"

, 2020-08-25

"Everything matched from the preview pictures perfectly."

, 2020-08-06

"Looks sharp and clean. Got many compliments."

, 2020-02-27

"Color is good and nice standard shirt fabric."

, 2019-10-21

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