Checked dress shirt in blue

Checked dress shirt in blue

Lancer, blue and red

699 kr

Blue dress shirt with large checks and a button-down collar. Made from a light fabric with a soft brushed surface, wear this shirt and look great for any casual occasion. Made to your measurements.

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Tekstil Lancer, blue and red (100 % kjemmet bomull)
Krage Button-down Moderne
Mansjett Konvertibel
Skjorteknapp Boiro, navy
Farge Blå
Mønster Plaid
Vev Twill
Brand Tailor Store
SKU 26-12764


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"This is not a flannel shirt but more of a standard shirt fabric which is really great for all year wear."

, 2019-10-21

"Very warm for a short slieved shirt"

, 2019-06-08

"It was too soft for my liking's. I had orderd some samples but i hand'nt included this one."

, 2019-04-08

"The only word I can come up is EXCELLENT"

, 2019-02-12

"Not exactly what I was expecting as it is rather soft, almost like a set of pajama bottoms. It is still comfortable."

, 2019-01-26

"I do like the fabric. My impression was that is was a heavier weight/weave than it turned out to be."

, 2019-01-10

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